A New Team, a New Office And a New Level of Quality at MOHIO

Friday, 9. August 2019

MOHIO Sports has opened an additional development office, consisting of senior level specialists. All this in order to create even more comfortable interfaces, to cover the needs of each market - implementing additional functionality for each region and developing innovative solutions for partners. The team is involved in creating new exciting games and in developing profitable winning plans for b2b customers. Absolutely uninterrupted UPTIME of all MOHIO products, as well as lightning fast support at any time of the day.

So what is the new MOHIO development team doing?

Modern and user-friendly UX / UI control panel interface with innovative features

The best UX / UI specialists from Europe are involved in the development of a new product control panel. MOHIO collected all the data from customers: direct feedback, support requests, statistics of site requests and page visits in order to identify everything that customers need for convenient and simple work in 2020.

What will this update give:

  • High speed control system
  • User friendly interface
  • New functionality
  • Complete product management & control
  • The Knowledge Base in simple language

Supporting the smooth operation of all MOHIO products - quality comes first

To support continuous uptime, MOHIO uses the latest innovative solutions from Google and an automatic load balancing system for product servers, and this is in addition to the servers being carefully monitored by high-level system administrators around the clock 24/7. Be sure that the technical side of your business is under reliable supervision and protection.

New games development

There are many games on the market and their number is constantly growing, but they do not cause interest in the vast majority of players, respectively, neither bookmakers nor providers have profit from them. The MOHIO research department for many months studied the needs of the average player in the global market as a whole and specific promising regions. We have found the golden ratio and know how to win the player’s heart and trust. Soon you will hear about new games from MOHIO Sports. The market is waiting for new exciting games, and we hear it.

New solutions for lightning fast customer support and a knowledge base in which a PC user of any level will understand everything

We see global trends as well as user requests and know that they want to be able to fully control their products and business. In addition to a simple management interface with many useful features, which even a newcomer to the Internet will understand easy, and round-the-clock online support, MOHIO creates a new knowledge base with which any issues will be resolved within a few seconds and a few mouse clicks.

Stay tuned to keep abreast of all the latest MOHIO products, as well as innovations and changes in the Betting and Gambling industries.

Several new specialists who are responsible for a new level of quality