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Thursday, 9. April 2020

Now is not the best time for betting and live sports, since almost all traditional sports events have been canceled and the whole world is in quarantine and self-isolation mode. At MOHIO Sports we deeply understand the current market problem and have already managed to implement a solution that will save the bookmaker operators from these problems.

eSports and Live Sports Simulations betting announcement for b2b partners and new MOHIO clients

Although live events have been suspended, rescheduled or even canceled, there is no quarantine in cyberspace, here we have quite the opposite situation - a huge influx of users due to self-isolation. In this regard, MOHIO Sports launches new eSports / cybersport products and live sports simulations.

Quick overview of new eSports, virtual and real live sports solutions: 

  • eSports Betting - FIFA 20 and NBA2K are available right now, and it is also possible to connect all the most popular games by request, for example: DOTA, LOL, Overwatch, CS: GO and others;
  • Simulated Reality or SR-League - a virtual simulation of real football using artificial intelligence, this product is as close as possible to a real football match in all respects;
  • Real table tennis betting with live events.

Now let's move on to a little more specific details of the new solutions provided my MOHIO Sports.

eSports Betting Launch

We have available FIFA 20 (football) and NBA2K (basketball), these two games are available for connection right now. Send a message in the MOHIO online chat and we will help with the connection of games.

In this short review, we will concentrate on the description of FIFA 20. By analogy with it - almost everything is the same, but only for basketball, contained in NBA2K.

What leagues are there in FIFA 20? 

FIFA 20 has almost all licensed leagues and teams - from the Bundesliga to the 3rd division to the Super League. As well as national teams. Everything as in a real life.

The FIFA 20 game contains many leagues and teams: EA Sports (the developer of FIFA) announced that the goal of the game is to create “unrivaled authenticity” in virtual football with a huge license package consisting of official leagues and teams. FIFA 20 contains:

  • Over 30 official leagues
  • More than 700 licensed teams
  • Over 17,000 authentic players.
  • In addition, EA Sports holds the Champions League and Europa League licenses.

We list a few leagues below, just for example.

Short list of several licensed leagues in FIFA 20 

Bundesliga (Germany) - all Bundesliga teams

Second Bundesliga (Germany) - all teams of the second Bundesliga

Third League (Germany) - all teams of the third division

Premier League (England)
All teams of the Premier League, including: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle, West Ham and everyone else.

League Championship (England)

All League Championship teams

League One (England)

All teams of the first league

League Two (England)

All teams of the second league

LaLiga Santander (Spain)

All 20 LaLigi teams

LaLiga 1 | 2 | 3 (Spain)

All teams

Serie A (Italy) - all without Juventus Turin

Serie A in FIFA 20: all players in Serie A are licensed and available to play, but not all teams are available. Since Juventus Turin's licenses are exclusively owned by Konami, EA renames the club FIFA 20 in Piemonte Calcio. Ronaldo and Co. retain their real names and faces.

Series B (Italy)

Not fully licensed, but most teams are included.

And all the other world leagues, as well as national teams.

Popular Betting eSports Games on your request

In addition to FIFA and NBA, it is also possible to connect other popular e-sports disciplines at your request. Take advantage of the fastest growing gaming industry - eSports. Increase your sports book with 5,500+ game events for the three largest eSports games (CS: GO, LoL, Dota 2) and with over 11,000 premier tournaments for the most popular games in the world. We cover official match data in real time. This ensures that you get 100% correct and reliable match data and the fastest odds updates. At your request, we can connect the games below to our system and your players will easily make all kinds of bets on them.

The List of An Optional Supported Betting eSports Game Titles On Your Request: 

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • DOTA 2 (Defence of the Ancients)
  • LOL (League of Legends)
  • Overwatch
  • Starcraft 2
  • Hearthstone
  • Call of Duty
  • Rainbow Six
  • Rocket League
  • NBA2K
  • Arena of Valor 
  • etc

Key Features of eSports Product from MOHIO

  • 5,500+ live odds events covering the world’s three biggest games (CS:GO, LoL, Dota 2)
  • Up to 19,000 matches per year, covering the most-followed games globally
  • Maximised profit margins thanks to highest market uptime
  • Sharpest odds compiled by specialist esports algorithms and specialised esports traders
  • Possibility to create outright markets for every new esports title on request
  • More live streaming of esports events than any other supplier in the world, and provided with the market’s fastest signal 
  • Market-leading content solutions covering statistics and live scores

Are you interested in eSports solution from MOHIO? Send a message to our online chat and we will help you to connect eSports betting.

Simulated Reality Football Using Artificial Intelligence (SR League)

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 emergency, most of the world's football tournaments have been delayed or canceled. To help you improve the quality of your content, we present Simulated Reality Football. With the help of artificial intelligence, the game becomes as similar as possible to real matches in all respects. Matches with a simulation of reality will be provided in the format of a regular 2x45 minute football match, and the names of tournaments will indicate that these matches are simulated and not a real world event. Nevertheless, our comprehensive live odds and prematch, as well as simulated real-time events, allow players to feel as close as possible to a real situation, to a real event.

Tournaments To Be Covered In SR League

In its first iteration we will offer the following soccer tournaments, and the kick-off times (shown below in CEST) will simulate the real matchdays of the listed tournaments accordingly:

England – Premier League SRL (sr:simple_tournament:93074)

Saturday’s schedule: : 1 match @13:30, 5 matches @16:00, 1 match @18:30 

Sunday’s schedule: 1 match @15:00, 1 match @17:30

Monday’s schedule: 1 match @21:00 


Spain – La Liga SRL (sr:simple_tournament:93076)

Friday’s schedule: 1 match @21:00

Saturday’s schedule: 1 match @13:00, 1 match @16:00, 1 match @18:30, 1 match @21:00 

Sunday’s schedule: 1 match @12:00, 1 match @14:00, 1 match @16:00, 1 match @18:30, 1 match @21:00


Germany – Bundesliga SRL (sr:simple_tournament:93075)

Friday’s schedule: 1 match @20:30

Saturday’s schedule: 5 matches @15:30, 1 match @18:30

Sunday’s schedule: 1 match @15:30, 1 match @18:00

Stay tuned for new tournaments coming soon!

Are you interested in real football simulation using AI? Send a message to our online chat to connect it!

Live Table Tennis Betting

Not all sports events are closed or rescheduled, which is why table tennis appeared in our collection. This is a real sport with real live matches and, accordingly, all relevant bets, odds and live sports opportunities are included in the kit.

With these products from MOHIO you will not only support your bookmaker / betting business, but also get excellent profits. 

Write a message in the MOHIO online chat to connect eSports and real-life sports simulation to make your business fully operational in the global quarantine mode. With the new solutions from MOHIO you will not only keep the business afloat in such a difficult period for the bookmaker business and live sports in general, but also get a good profit.

Written by the MOHIO Sports Team