Gambling business development trends in 2019 and future gambling trends | MOHIO

Wednesday, 26. June 2019

In 2018 the gambling industry developed rapidly. The rise in the level of this business niche was mainly determined by the implementation of modern and even innovative IT technologies. 2019 doesn’t leave this course.

Payment of land games and online games in cryptocurrency

Last year, cryptocurrencies dropped significantly in price. For example, the cost of the main coin in industry has dropped from $ 20,000 to $ 3,800. Blockchain Capital's partner, Spencer Bogart, states that this cannot last for a long time. He says that after the crypto futures on the Nasdaq and Bakkt are launched, the market will stabilize.

Many other owners of gambling institutions share this opinion. They will more actively implement blockchain processes in online casinos, will provide users with the opportunity to use Bitcoin and other crypto coins to pay for services. A lot of opportunities and perspectives are contains in technology, because its main advantages are simplicity and fast settlement speed, low commission and, very importantly, transparency of operations.

Payment using bitcoins and other digital currency

Using cryptocurrency wallets, players can be completely anonymous. At the moment, bitcoins can be used for sports betting or paying for poker and roulette. Replenishment of the account with crypto-currency in online establishments offering gaming products is not yet possible. But such solutions are already in development.

Also, ground-level casinos showed unexpected agility on the topic of integration and the use of the blockchain.

MOHIO strives over time. And as soon as the cryptocurrency market stabilizes, MOHIO considers the possibility introducing of blockchain solutions into its products.

The growing importance of mobile platforms iOS and Android, gambling industry  goes to mobile devices

A couple of years ago, in 2017, Statistica conducted a survey, according to the results of which it turned out that 10% of all users of modern mobile devices (smartphones) are betting on the results of sports events and gambling. In 2018, the largest online gambling establishments posted data with a report stating that more than 50% of visitors access the site via gadgets.

The mobile gaming popularity rise


Year to year, the statistics will only grow and, accordingly, the number of modern mobile devices users that are betting on the results of sports events and gambling will increase. The number of gambling / casino / sports betting sites that offer a mobile application download will also grow. A larger number games are expected from well-known studios on Android and iOS devices.

MOHIO plans to develop new gaming solutions and adapt classic games for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Gamification of gambling products

The number of technologies and various elements of online games will increase each year. These products have a developed stories, characters, graphic components, harmoniously integrated sound effects and overall sound design, as well as the ability to accumulate bonus points, which in some cases can be exchanged for additional actions or even for prizes. Interactive games with a high level of involvement are in demand with large companies.