GIVING BACK 2017 - "Gifts and help from Austrian "Mykolajy""

Wednesday, 13. December 2017

Mohio Gaming Competence actively encourages social development by offering support and playing an active role in cooperation with homeless children organizations.

Gifts and help from Austrian "Mykolajy"

               Every year traditionally, on the eve of holidays, the patrons from Austria come to our region. A native of Tyachiv, a businessman of the international level, Andriy Machanets, his business partner Andreas Neubauer together with Christian Spitsbart and a young entrepreneur Bogodar Makhanets funded and organized the purchase of the necessary equipment, medicine, food products, hygiene products and many other useful things. At the beginning of this month, benefactors were able to visit orphanages and other institutions.

               At the first day of their arrival, philanthropists from Austria visited an orphanage in Svalyava, where the principal Bejresh, V. M. and his colleagues warmly welcomed the guests. They gave to this orphanage extremely needed gifts - medicine, children food products “Malysh” and “Maljutka”, hygiene products, clothes, footwear, vacuum cleaner, etc. Children received gift sets and sweets.

               After visiting the orphanage in Svalyava, guests from Austria made a visit to the orphanage in Chynadievo, where the principal Sofilkanych, S. Y received a generator for backup power supply, the orphanage needed it very much. In addition, this place was given such gifts as hygiene products, clothes, footwear, and gift sets for children.

               At the next day, the Austrian “Mycholayi” visited the orphanage in Viljshany. The guests gave a lot of diapers, sweets, and other presents. At this very day, Austrians visited Tyachiv Rehabilitation Center, where they had an opportunity to give a “climbing frame”, a mirror for an orthopedic cabinet; game sets for the development of the intellect and limb motor, many other things, and gift sets for the kids of this institution. This rehabilitation center is located near the nursing home, where businessmen gave a lot of clothes and footwear.

            Many people joined the event, the inhabitants of Ebensee, Austria, took part in the collection of clothes and footwear, the transport of these things was taken by a resident of Tyachev, Makhanets, I. A., the assistance in the purchase of medicines and nutrition was taken by Mykulyak, N.A.

            Many thanks for taking a part in a good cause that is so needed for children. May God protect patrons and give many years of life!

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