How To Attract Punters To A Betting Shop? 12 Ways For A Betting Operator

Tuesday, 14. July 2020

MOHIO has put together the best ways to attract players to the land and online bets. MOHIO has been working with betting operators for more than 10 years as a provider of virtual games, lotto and live sports. During this period, we have accumulated knowledge with which you can attract local and online punters around the world, from Kazakhstan to Latin America. Any owner of a bookmaker wants to have many visitors who make bets, return and bring new visitors. We have collected not paid advertising methods, but we offer you the viral (self-distributed among the players) methods.

So, we present to you the top ways to attract players to a betting shop or bookmaker website.


Jackpots and Super Jackpots

The jackpot is an opportunity to win big money, a gambler's dream that attracts players and makes them expect a miracle of randomness. And imagine when a player has not one chance, but two, and the second with an even larger sum of a prize than the first. Super Jackpot will help with this.

Opportunity To Win A Jackpot Even On A Lost Ticket 

Even if the bets on the ticket are lost, the player should not be upset, because lost tickets can participate in the Jackpot. For example, you can set a minimal border for the amount of bets on the ticket, after which the ticket participates in the Jackpot drawing, regardless of its status - Win or Lost.

Bonus Bets For Free For Punters 

Being able to make a free bet is a great way to get a punter involved in the game. This free-to-play or free-to-bet method is ideal when you need to advertise a new game. A free limited bet with the possibility of a real win is a good trial “race” for a potential fan of the game to understand its mechanics and, for example, not to lose money simply from ignorance of the rules of the game. It’s absolutely risk-free solution for a player. In addition, "freebie" - is always in demand.

Free Drinks For Visitors

This method refers to local, land-based retail betting. Attract potential players by providing them drinks at the expense of the bookmaker. With such a bonus, it is likely that a person will invite a friend to the betting shop. You can think of several schemes for dispensing drinks in order to avoid the fact that people come only to drink, not to play. For example, you can give a drink on a ticket dated today. In addition to the fresh date condition, you can add a minimum amount, the border of which the ticket sum must overcome in order to get a free drink.

Increased Player Chances To Win 

This method gives additional chances to win. You can give an example with the game Red Keno. The game basically drops 20 balls with numbers, and to increase the chances of winning, you can add a random chance of two additional balls falling, increasing the chance of winning by 10%. This encourages players to bet on this game.

Promotions On Lost Tickets 

Lost, but won in total and much more than expected. You can implement interval promotions for lost tickets. For example, once a week on a certain day there is a raffle of money among all lost tickets for the last week. It is possible to hold such an event once a day, but with a much smaller prize pool or fewer winners.

Loyalty Programs and Bonuses

There are many bonuses and programs for regular customers, as well as new ideas for them. We will only give some ideas that in conjunction create working schemes for attracting and retaining customers. A bonus for a series of unsuccessful bets, a small deposit bonus, an increased deposit bonus for replenishing the balance on certain days, registration bonuses, a first deposit bonus, an increased coefficient for regular players (for participants of the loyalty program), gamification of the process by adding virtual credits (bonus points) for such actions as registration, deposit, bet and a certain number of bets made. With these credits, you can bet or receive prizes from the bookmaker, such as merchandise, a free drink, etc.

Merch Giveaway 

Free giveaway of branded items from the operator works well, both on its own and in conjunction with the loyalty program. In which, due to the earned virtual points, the player can choose a prize, for example a T-shirt or a cap.

Cashback From Lost Bets 

Nowadays, cashback is a great way to attract and retain users. With bettors, the situation is identical. When a player receives a cashback for losing bets or an increased cashback for a series of lost bets, this keeps the player well and encourages him to play again.

Time-Limited In-Game Events 

Such events attract both new and old players. For example, on a specific date from 8pm to 12am any customer deposit is multiplied by x2. You replenished by 100 - you received 200. Or, when a client receives a cashback of 50% from a series of 5 lost bets.

An Ability To Continue A Game From Anywhere - From Home Or From A Mobile Device 

Cross-platform plays a large role in attracting and retaining users of almost all IT products from any industry. Therefore, MOHIO also offers such a function of continuing the game, which the client started at the land-based betting shop. The player can calmly and without fuss start playing from his home PC or from a mobile device at any moment.

Bonus Method - Connect Games Popular Among Players 

Only a few ways can work effectively without an engaging and interesting game for end-clients. Exactly such games MOHIO offers to betting operators and bookmakers.

Here are just a few of the games in demand among players: Racing Bet, Color Bet, Red Keno, Lucky Six, Flash Soccer, Virtual Football.

Contact the MOHIO online chat to connect the games that are now most effectively attracting and involving players.

Written by the MOHIO Sports Team