Monday, 18. April 2016

We can install for you any LAND BASED GAMES! 
Contact with us and choose any games for testing


The excitement of speed and passion for sport cars. Street Racer is a virtual Racing Bet Gam Drive your car to victory in the world of street racing. Four pilots racing against each other and players are able to place bets on every race every 5 min.

Styling game meets its name, that is, the game is completely immerses you into the atmosphere of the circus, fun and much excitement. Circus Fortune presented in a new form, that is, instead of the classical one wheel, at once three, which makes it possible to make express and combination bets.

Darts is one of the most popular sports around the world. Bet on a virtual Darts game. Single, Double and Triple Hits. Special Bets ‘Bulls Eye’ and no-win bet ‘hit outside’.

Kings Jewels is multistage number and color bet game with a wide range of Betting opportunities combined with high odds. This bet game let your players get into the world of glory and honor.

The Live Red Keno is designed with Keno players in mind and a globally unique game that provides the player a fair chance of winning. The game is broadcast live from our studios, every day, every five minutes.

This bet game leads you players back to the wild west age. The number bet game offers unlimited betting options like roulette table you can place bets on number, color, row, column and many more.