MOHIO Sports re-launches satellite streaming of its games

Monday, 20. December 2021

MOHIO Sports are pleased to announce that the broadcast of our games is available through satellite streaming to ensure their stable performance and fast delivery in locations with low performing internet connections.

Now the betting shops of our partners once again can broadcast MOHIO Sports land-based games to their players through satellite streaming, and not just over the Internet connection. If the player wants to place a bet, then, as before, he needs to contact the cashier, who will use a standard cashier web application to place and pay out bets.

Satellite broadcasting distributes multimedia content over a satellite network using broadcast signals that are received by parabolic satellite antennas. Then the satellite receiver decodes the incoming signals and outputs them to the user through standard TV.

Incoming signals are digitally encoded and compressed to minimize their size. At the same time, the games are broadcasted from the satellite in high quality and in real time, without any delays, which guarantees stable synchronization for uninterrupted bet acceptance.

In our experience, broadcasting via satellite offers many benefits to our partners. First of all, this solution is perfect for countries and markets with an unstable and slow Internet connection. To use it, our partners only need to have a satellite dish and a receiver to connect to satellite frequencies with MOHIO Sports games. At the same time, for the best picture quality, it is recommended to use an HDMI connection to a TV. MOHIO Sports does not charge additional fees for the satellite stream service.

At the moment, MOHIO Sports offers Red Keno game for broadcasting and its satellite frequencies cover the African continent. In the near future, we plan to expand both the coverage regions and the number of games, taking into account the specific requests and requirements of our customers. In addition, with our system it is possible to simultaneously display several games on one TV screen, which allows our partners to save funds by not spending money on separate TVs for each game. At the same time, it remains possible to connect the jackpot to the system even for satellite broadcasting.

Contact us to find out the terms of cooperation, as well as get more detailed instructions on how to set up and connect to satellite frequencies with MOHIO Sports games.