Real Bundesliga Live Betting Is Open For Bookmaker Operators For B2B

Friday, 15. May 2020

Finally, great news from the world of sports for the entire quarantine period! The MOHIO Sports team is pleased to inform you that the Bundesliga is back! The Bundesliga will restart on May 16 and bets on it will be available in MOHIO products. The launch of the Bundesliga betting for the B2B segment cannot but please the whole world of betting, and we are in a hurry to inform all our partners and new operators who want to be the first in the world who will offer their final customers to bet on the Bundesliga matches. To enable the ability to accept and operate bets at your betting shop and at your betting points or even online, please contact MOHIO chat, we have a connection absolutely free, without any hidden fees.

Bookmakers-operators resume work on accepting bets on real football matches of the Bundesliga

Now the whole world of sports, football fans, bloggers, and bookmakers are trumpeting the opening of the Bundesliga and betting on it since Saturday, May 16th. This is a signal that major sporting events are gradually returning to the world, and one after another, other popular world football leagues will restart. Since this league is open now for sure, all the bookmakers wants to connect or reconnect it to their system, but in this difficult time, not everyone can do it so easily as MOHIO offers.

Bundesliga betting solution for B2B segment by MOHIO

Live sport is one of the most profitable areas in land and online betting. For the first time in several months, MOHIO offers live sports betting on the Bundesliga football matches for operators and bookmakers of any type. What exactly is the difference in the current solution, in contrast to the options of the last two months?

Real Live Matches In Real Football

The players have an obvious lack of live events, they are really missing real sports events because of the most excitement and excitement surrounding matches and their outcomes flare-up in them.

Bundesliga Is Now In Trend

The launch of the Bundesliga has focused public attention on this league. Since the world-famous Bundesliga first rebooted after a protracted quarantine - it is now in the maximum trend, in the very center of attention of the entire world sports community.


Non-Alternative In Live Football

The Bundesliga is the only currently playing league of all the known international leagues, so there are no other live premier football betting options for players.

If you are a betting operator or representative of betting business, write to the MOHIO chat to connect B2B betting solution for real matches of the Bundesliga.

Article was written by the MOHIO Sports team