The New MOHIO BACKEND Is a Powerful All-In-One Solution For Managing All Aspects Of The Gaming/Betting Business

Thursday, 30. January 2020

As you already know, in the coming days MOHIO Sports will present its new products at ICE London 2020, behind the stand S1-332. But nevertheless, the main focus of the company will be a powerful and fast Backend, which allows you to manage almost all aspects of the betting business, all distribution channels and game processes. And all this you get in one convenient turnkey solution.

Do you have your own betting business with betting shops? Or do you represent betting companies for partnership in the B2B segment? Then it will definitely be interesting for you to meet with us personally from February 4 to 6 at stand S1-332 or by writing right now in our online chat.

“MOHIO Backend Is The Control Panel For Gaming Products And The Entire Betting Business - This Is All-In-One Solution”

Unique Advantages And Features Of The New MOHIO Backend:

  • A dashboard for your business statistics with a convenient profit chart for the week, month and year. Turnover indicators for the last day, for the current month and for the last month for your quick overview. The release feed of improvements which are coming soon to the Backend, because we are constantly making it better.
  • The ability to get financial turnover for each of the distribution levels, down to a specific cashier.
  • The ability to add third-party games through an API to the Backend.
  • The ability to enable the short ticket number mode for those cases when you do not have or do not want to use barcode scanners.
  • The ability to enable a prepaid / deposit system with an individual wallet / balance for each distribution point.
  • Activity log of the Backend users and cashier employees.
  • Flexible setting of the jackpot and super jackpot, the ability to share the jackpot between several cashiers or bettings shops etc.
  • Fully adaptive and responsive Backend interface, work from any device convenient for you from a PC to a smartphone.
  • New, reliable and secure server infrastructure that guarantees high performance and trouble-free operation of all products and business.
  • The system has an online chat with a support service in which MOHIO support team specialist answers your any question within 30 seconds - this is a record speed of response.
  • Every 2 weeks the functionality of the MOHIO Backend expands and improves.

Full Management And Control

The MOHIO Backend, as the people call it the “admin panel”, allows you to fully manage and perform any necessary operations with distributors, operators, betting shops, cashiers etc. For example, if you need to create 100 cashiers, then in our system you can do this in just 1 click. You have the ability to create manager users with limited “read only” permissions, who will be able to track and control any business changes in the admin panel. You can create as many cashier employees as you like and assign them to each of your cashier. For your confidence and reliability, we additionally developed a functional for monitoring and tracking the activity of all users of the Backend, so that the actions of all your employees in the Backend or in cashiers will be available to you through a convenient and visually simple log of actions and activity.

Detailed Settings For Games And Jackpots

In the MOHIO Backend, you can customize configurations any of our games to your needs, from the minimum and maximum stakes to enable a tax system, taking into account all the requirements of your government and much more. Also, you can create a jackpot and a super jackpot and share them between different cashiers, betting shops and even create a network jackpot with favorable conditions for its launch.

All Accounting, Turnovers And Profits At Your Fingertips

Track and control any movements on accounts, all transactions, payin and payout, all turnovers and your profit by days, weeks, months and any other time period you set for all distribution channels or for specific individual ones that interest you. Also, you can export any of this data in CSV and PDF format.

Search For The Results Of Rounds And Tickets For Any Of The Games With All Their Details

Want to know what the result of a round of a certain game was? This isn’t a problem, because on the Result page related for displaying and searching for the results of game events, you can do this in seconds for a specific game, by the number of the round, by the given date and time, and other filters. The same thing with detailed information about any of the player tickets. You can track a ticket or several tickets using their status, a specified period of time, ticket number and other filters.

Creating And Managing Users Of The MOHIO Backend And Cashier Application

As a distributor/operator user, you can create and edit a manager user with “read only” limited rights who can monitor and track the activities of cashiers, turnover and more. In addition, you can independently create access to cashiers (create cashier employee), give them a username, name, contact details and assign it to a specific cashier.

Can I test the demo version of the MOHIO Backend at ICE 2020?

Yes, of course, we will introduce you our new Backend. Contact us at stand S1-332.

How to find the MOHIO stand at ICE London 2020?

From February 4 to 6, the MOHIO Sports team will be located at stand S1-332, Excel, London. For your convenience, we drew a map to make us easier to find.

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